Friday, October 23, 2009


Big V has taken some holidays and so I have been super remiss about blogging everyday.  I believe if the three strikes rule applies then I am now well and truly out :( In my defense I have been thinking about blogging and did take some photos to blog about so I haven't been completely tardy.

On the Wednesday I took Little G to the pool for her swimming lesson but the great thing was that Big V was able to come too so we were able to take a bit of video and a few pics of the event. We did ask if it was okay to take pics at the pool because we didn't want other people to think that Big V was some kind of dirty pervert taking pictures of little kids. The lifeguards said it would be fine as long as the shots were only of us and no one else. 

G was having so much fun splashing that she wouldn't look at the camera. She loves the pool and really makes an effort at kicking and paddling. The lady who takes the class said she wants G in her swim squad as she's such a natural at it. She kicks on her tummy and on her back, apparently that is awesome for her age. (Insert proud beaming Mama here)

Another milestone for Bubbit is that she has started clapping and waving, very rewarding for us as parents and of course we think she is the smartest baby in the universe for being able to do so! She is also well on the way to crawling forward now but every time she tries to she gets very frustrated at not moving very fast, it's more like crawl-cry-crawl-pause-cry-crawl. As you can see in the pic, sometimes it's just all too much! She does eventually get to where ever she's headed, oh but the effort ;D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My (dusty) shelf

I am joining in yet another blog-a-long. Inspired by Bec (cos she is so inspirational!) This one is called My Place & Yours created by Meet me at Mikes. This weeks theme is 'On the Shelf' so despite all the dust and clutter I have picked out a small snapshot of one of my shelves to share.

When I got married a few years ago I had a bit of an inner debate as to whether I should take my husbands last name or not.  I had been a 'Bennetto' for so long that could I really be anything else? All sorts of weird issues raised their heads during this inner turmoil not the least of them being the fact that my middle name rhymes with his last name - how very 'Julia Goolia'! (remember the wedding singer?)

In the end I decided that I would become a 'Valentine' and have never looked back.  So now I like to collect 'V's as a sort of celebration of my new name.  The V's in the picture are for our little family: Big V, Little G and me. 

Can't wait to add another V to the collection!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Because we all need jeans that don't bind your legs...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homage to salmon and apples

Today Big V, Rosie, Pippit and I all ventured down south to pay our respects to the produce of the Huon. The Apple and Salmon Race Day Carnival to be exact.  I don't want to be negative about it but it was not what I expected. I think the use of the word 'carnival' conjured up a rather more grandiose image than what was actually there but despite my over active imagination we all had a good day out and it was held by the local Rotary so all for a good cause.

I would have loved to be a judge for the apple pies and toffee apple contest.  What a job.  It's sad though that the pies are only really destined to have a scoop taken out and then just be left on a table for all to look and not touch. Pies are for eating people! 

And more so the toffee apples! Despite the fact that they are really toothaches on a stick it's just a waste to have one bite and then just leave it be - oh you mock me toffee apple! Sitting in your glass vase teasing me with your red shiny goodness!

I sampled no salmon but did have a lucaston apple juice (best apple juice ever) and an apple cake, mmm, delish! We did enter the Salmon and Apple race too but could only afford to bet on an apple as they were only $3 whereas a salmon was $50.  

Initially we wondered how on earth you could have a salmon and apple race. I mean, apples certainly would bob along merrily down the river but wouldn't the salmon just swim away? 

All was revealed upon reaching the race tent where we were greeted by tubs of plastic fishies. Ah, much more compliant racers! 
Sadly not as tasty as Rosie discovered.  Sushi you are not, fishy 99!


Had a very strange day yesterday, felt very restless and at odds with everything. Big V and I couldn't decide what to do and so ended up doing bugger all. It wasn't until later at night that I finally decided to tackle the lazy day skirt pattern.  

Next thing I know it's half one in the morning and I realise that I should probably go to bed otherwise spend Sunday being as equally unproductive and tired to boot.  I did finish the main part of the skirt though.

Ava had come round earlier this morning before I had put the embellishments on and was very excited to see it but I told her she couldn't take it home until I'd put the the buttons on.  She was very understanding for a four year old but still wore it the whole time she was here which made me feel good! It's always nice to see someone appreciate something you make for them.

So it's finished.  All I need now is to get a picture of Ava wearing it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


For some reason I like little good luck cats. No idea why, I just do. The tinier the better. In fact they can't be more than a couple of inches or they don't fit the bill.  Big ones won't do at all...

There you have it folks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Love scraps? You betcha!

Today in the mail I received a surprise package. Well, 'surprise' cos I'd forgotten that I'd ordered it! I love opening parcels, it's just like a present, even though I bought it myself :D

I had ordered the amy butler pattern and some 'prints charming' fabric from etsy in pink based colours and the seller had also a bulk pack of scraps that looked like a good mix so I decided to take a chance on them and add them to my basket. Turned out to be a bargain buy, sure there's a few that I probably won't use but the majority are really nice.
So yay for surprise packages!

(provided they don't contain bombs, anthrax or poo...)

Striketober :(

Bah, I've missed another day of blogtober... I have had a lot on my plate though, Little Pippit has been super grizzly and while I can't see anything, I'm pretty sure there's a tooth on the way. It's either that or she's turning into a drool monster!

I did managed to get into town yesterday, trying to time the pram walk with Pippit's nap. Spotlight had 20% off and so I wanted to get a rotary cutter and board while the sale was on. Rosie came with me and it was so great to have another pair of helping hands! I also made it back into Pocketspace and purchased the octopus print I'd been after, yay! All in all a pretty good trip :)

I have also gotten as far as picking materials out for my lazy day skirt, although I am going to call mine a hectic day skirt because lazy days are one thing I'm short on at the moment! I won't make the sew along dead line but nevermind. Doesn't mean I'll stop making the skirt!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

shiny shiny

I am very attracted to these shoes, not just because they're shiny, not just because they're red but because they remind me of fairytale red dancing shoes! The tongues look like fungi growing down a tree, all in all a very whimsical buy.

I may never end up wearing them but hey, I have shiny new red shoes!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RIP favourite mug

The other day little Pippit managed to get her tiny mitts on my favourite mug (luckily empty at the time) I had turned around for one second when a china like clatter rang out, holding my breath I whipped around fearing the worst but all looked fine. It wasn't until I poured hot water in it that it became evident that the only thing 'fine' about my muggy wug was the hairline cracks up the side slowly seeping my hot beverage onto the counter. Poo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fungi love


I have finally started project one today - baby quilt for pregnant friend. The problem is, I think I like it too much! There could be parting issues with this one...

Rosie kindly brought her cutting board and rotary knife over today so I could get some nice clean edges. As soon as I had cut a few blocks I had a bit of a play with placement. I like this part of quilting the most, just playing with patterns and colours and testing different layouts, it's like a cross between big kids building blocks and one of those asian sand gardens, therapeutic and fun!

I decided to use full blocks of colour in between the patterned material and then space it all with white. Nice and simple, bright but uncluttered. Well, I like it anyway!

Rosie was busy making yet another quilt top too. She is doing something called a 'disappearing nine patch' where you sew all the blocks of colour together and then cut them up, mix them around and join them back together again. She is so fast (and easy, hehehe, just jokes Rosie!) I admire her gung ho approach, it's not that I'm afraid of making a mistake it's just that I'm afraid of making a total complete botch of things! Oh wait, that's another way of saying mistake isn't it... OCD anyone?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bectober (…or maybe stalktober?)

I was meant to post this yesterday but the day just got away from me so I have officially missed a day in my blogtoberfest attempt. Poo. I placate myself by acknowledging the fact that sometimes I blog twice a day there for storing up blogs in reserve... whatever works.

Anyway. Rosie and I went to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday to hear an artist called Beci Orpin speak about her life and art. Organised by AGDA and aptly titled 'Breakie with Beci'. She is a truly amazing person. It's as if her sole purpose in life was to create and she has moved organically from one opportunity to the next, leaving in her wake a myriad of awesome artworks. I heart them all!

Perhaps most exciting to me at the moment is that she has created a line of children's clothes called Tiny Mammoth, a lot of which are in colours that are non gender specific. A great break from the 'traditional' pinks and blues found almost everywhere else. And, yay, they're stocked here in Hobart too! I even worked up the courage to ask her to sign my 'Curvy' book! (I felt kinda daggy but it was worth it!)

Bec from 'Things to make and do' and co-organiser of the whole shebang also set up a crafternoon after the presentation where we all got to sit down and learn how to make some things. Rosie and I both attempted the crocheting. I had, some time ago, crocheted a whole blanket but my brain dumped the know how to undertake such a task and I just couldn't recall how to do it! After a few fits and starts with Bec's help I now know how to make a 'granny' and will hopefully retain the knowledge for the future! Thanks Bec!

Friday, October 9, 2009

make, make, makity make!

I am committing myself...

No I'm not mad! (ok, debatable) I am committing myself to find the time to make things in October. The first is a baby quilt for a pregnant friend, second is a smocky dress for little G and the latest thing to add to the list is a lazy day skirt that I was put on to by a post at Ange's Ramblings. Thanks Ange! I am choosing fabrics already...

The lazy day skirt is a beginner sewer's dream, as basic a pattern as you'll ever find. So absolutely no excuses for starting one and not finishing it! (something I am prone to doing) I've joined up with a sew along at One Crafty Mama's blog to get myself doubly into it. The pattern can be found here from Oliver + S.

Ulp! The pressures on now!


As the Amy Butler pattern I ordered will not be posted for the next couple of weeks because the seller has gone on holidays, I will start a smaller scale project for Little G instead. I think I have enough material and bits and bobs in my stash to start something this small!
So smock instead of frock it is :)

I have a wonderful book called Amy Butler's little stitches for little ones and have picked out a little pinny dress with matching bloomers to make. I think it will look great on little G but I might shorten it as she is just learning to crawl and I wouldn't want her to get her knees caught up in it and face plant into the carpet!

There are so many different ways to make little smocky type dresses for bubbas, I think little G will have to get a walk in robe if I end up making all the ones I like! I particularly love the ones that criss-cross at the back (1.), I think you'd get a lot of wear out of this design as it grows with the child and even though it may start out as a dress they'll still be able to wear it as a top when they're a toddler. Little ties at the shoulder or back are cute and easy too (2. & 3.)

Unfortunately, given the free time I actually have to undertake such projects, I will probably only complete enough to fill a small drawer or maybe just a shoe box! Oh well, so long imaginary walk in robe, it's the thought that counts.

1. Eleanor Grace Designs 2. Three Yellow Starfish 3. Modern Bebe

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I saw this on the wall in Spotlight the other day. Not the most inspiring poster I think. Way to make crocheting popular Spotlight! Good on you. Not.

Hmmm, how shall I phrase my response?

A: I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request
B: It might be possible using my stomach contents
C: No. Never. On the eyes of my child I-will-not
D: All of the above

Some poor Nana somewhere is huddled on her rocking chair, freezing cold, too rheumatic to give chase to the young floozy who stole her knee rug, scalped it and draped it around her body in a weird homage to vomit, I'm sure.

This, on the other hand, I find less vomity and will attempt to make it. I love Amy Butler's fabric and patterns. I may not be able to do the pattern justice as I have only ever attempted to make one dress and that was back in high school! However I'm sure there will be online tutorials to help me should I get stuck.
I actually think the hardest thing will be to commit to a fabric, I always um and ah so much when it comes to locking in a choice. There's simply too many yummy alternatives when it comes to selecting fabric, I get overwhelmed!
Commitment phobe perhaps? Maybe just plain greedy as really, I want them all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonds Bumps and Baby

Ok, I swear I am not a pageant Mum, promise, promise, PROMISE!

I have entered my daughter into the Bonds Baby search competition because, well, because she's so darn cute! I admit that I am completely biased but what Mother isn't? But if for some reason you happen to agree with me, please click the link below and then click 'like this baby' so she gets some votes!!!


After swimming today Little G had the biggest nap ever. To be honest she was so tired before we even went. Daylight savings has thrown her naps all out of whack and so she should have been napping rather than swimming this morning. But a two hour nap was good for her and for me as I managed to get some uni work done, yay! So she woke up all happy and rested and with the best bed hair ever. 1, 2, 3 Awwwwww!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bok-Bok-Boktober (Warning: Not at all exciting to anyone but me!)

Yum! Yum! Yummo! I have had the best news today!

I was going to write a 'Frocktober' post but then I saw that Bec has already claimed that title today. Then I was going to write a 'Blocktober' post as I got some awesome new material for a baby quilt I'm making BUT THEN CAME THE AWESOME NEWS!
And here it is!

A certain awesome chicken store has opened up in Salamanca. I cannot mention the name otherwise I will be the 'mentioner' and thus have to buy chicken goodies for all - so the rule goes ;P

...however should the name be READ then I suppose no rules are broken!

When I was young I used to want to work there because they had turquoise uniforms (some great job aspiration) and lo and behold I DID end up working for them through college and even though the job was the same as any other part time grind I got to enjoy the turquoise uniform and much of the chickeny goodness sold there. Especially the chips covered in chicken salt, Mmmmmm! I know where I'll be headed after swimming tomorrow!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mocktober or October?

Me wants, me wants, me wants...

A beautiful octopus print by borderline rif raf that I saw at a market recently. Couldn't afford to buy it on the day but the stall holder told me that Pocketspace Gallery had some for sale too.
I visit the Gallery but I am too late, they are all sold and mocking me silently from the wall is a freshly painted mural of the same print. Woe.

The shop owner does tell me how to get in contact with the artist though, so I have done this and will hopefully hear back soon and then it will be mine, mine, ALL MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaaaaa! *cough*

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gawktober - at the markets

Today has been a lovely lazy Sunday, one of the best kinds of Sundays in my opinion. Big V, little G and I all trooped of to the Masonic Hall where The Market is held on the 1st Sunday of every month. I love this market as nearly everything is handmade and the stalls change every time as they have so many people interested in holding a space there's not enough room for everybody every market.

Today I did a lot of gawking and only a little buying. But I have set my sights on some awesome 'standaliers' made by a lady called Loz Abberton at
WHO DID THAT. She is a wonderfully creative person and her designs are stunning. I think there would be a style to suit almost every home.

The one I like is called oak blossom, made out of FSC veneered ply. This pic is of the design in white eco resin and it's hanging too whereas I would have it as a standing lamp. Then perhaps finally after many, many years Big V and I would have matching bedside table lamps...
ahhh, symmetry, I love you.

I also got some great cards from little twig which I think I'll frame rather than use. And some beautiful new brooches from Rosie at Notions. Rosie makes all sorts of wonderful little handmade goodies and I am forever drooling over all the wonderful fabrics she manages to get her creative mitts on.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Not really being one to wear socks myself I feel I am living a sock fantasy through little Bippit. She has the most amazing array of socks! It wasn't until I decided that I needed some way to store them other than just chucking them in a clothes box (great way to lose them) that I realised how many pairs she has!

This is a small sample of her rainbow of footwear. I started putting them into a big lolly jar I had but now even that is too small. I will be keeping my eye out for a beautiful big old pharmacy jar and if I fill that up then it's time to visit a doctor about a problem sock fetish!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crocktober - part 2

I decided that 'Crocktober' would mean crockery for me but these are a few other crockables that could have taken the title.

Croc shoes - I was tempted to buy a pair of crocs today on ozsale because they were FREE but then I remembered I didn't actually like crocs, I was only getting sucked in by the FREE thing. Well, you did have to pay postage so not really FREE. Still, they were orange...

Crocodile man - Steve Irwin. I was with Ally and Rosie in a carpark when I heard the news that he'd died... weird the things you remember.

Crock Pot - I don't own one but I think they are kinda cool.

Crocodile Dundee - leathery old duck!

Crocodiles on a leash being held by Beyonce - enough said!

Crocktober - part 1

I saw this crockery set in a habitat catalogue and thought they were awesome and although I am definitely not a 'plate on wall or shelf' person (too much dusting involved for one thing) I would be loathe to use it for it's intended purpose for fear of eventually ruining the picture!

I decided to check them out today while I was in town and found that they were not as nice as in real life as they are in the picture. The pictures were a bit fuzzy and the ceramic a bit chunky, not that I am a crockery snob, you have only to check out my kitchen cupboards for that proof, it's just that for $80 a plate I expected a little more. More what? I don't know, just more!

I did see a really beautiful wedgewood cup and saucer that I ummed and ahhed about, walked away, decided to commit to the purchase and then came back only to find that another lady had beat me to it and was buying the whole set. What a bugger! But she did let me take a photo of it, in fact seemed thrilled that I would want to. A kind gesture from one teacup lover to another.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Knock Knocktober!

Ok, so this isn't really a 'proper' post but what the hey, I love this joke.

Idiot 1: 'Knock Knock!'

Idiot 2: 'Whose there?'

Idiot 1: 'Interrupting cow'
Idiot 2: 'Interrupting co...'

Idiot 1: 'MOOOOOOO!'

Hahahahahahahahahaha! I told my niece this joke on the weekend and then she told it back to me about fifty times in a row and each time we laughed so hard!
Who needs mad cow disease when you have jokes like this :D

Faff, faff, fafferty faff - it's Fafftober!

So Bubbit has gone down for a well needed nap and instead of doing the many chores I have lined up for today I am on the computer instead. Hmmm, priority review?

I've been browsing other people's blogs, something I wish I could do more often, and have found one idea that I love. Blogtoberfest! (Thanks Bec!) Since starting this blog I've been told by a certain someone (don't worry Rosie, I won't name any names! hehehe!) that I need to post more frequently so this 'Blogtoberfest' seems like the perfect challenge!

Can I post every day for the month of October? I'm thinking hell yeah!

There are a stack of others rising to the challenge so why no lil' ole me! One blogger has a great idea which I might thieve, making each days post title a play on 'October'. For example, Rocktober, posting something about music or rocks- very doable, or Woktober, something about cooking - easy, Clocktober, Flocktober, Blocktober and so on.
So, thanks for the idea Badskirt! I am grabbing this bull by the horns!

And as a thank you to Rosie for her insistence that I blog more often I have found an unbelievable picture of a magical tuna, celery soup. Sorry, no raisins.

*I should mention I found these awesome comical pics drawn by NatalieDee here.
My kind of funny :D