Sunday, October 18, 2009


Had a very strange day yesterday, felt very restless and at odds with everything. Big V and I couldn't decide what to do and so ended up doing bugger all. It wasn't until later at night that I finally decided to tackle the lazy day skirt pattern.  

Next thing I know it's half one in the morning and I realise that I should probably go to bed otherwise spend Sunday being as equally unproductive and tired to boot.  I did finish the main part of the skirt though.

Ava had come round earlier this morning before I had put the embellishments on and was very excited to see it but I told her she couldn't take it home until I'd put the the buttons on.  She was very understanding for a four year old but still wore it the whole time she was here which made me feel good! It's always nice to see someone appreciate something you make for them.

So it's finished.  All I need now is to get a picture of Ava wearing it!


ange_moore said...

It's a very lovely skirt! The chocolate cord with doily apron Lazy Days Skirt went home with "The Girl Who Adores Yellow" on Sunday after having been worn all day at my place - they are easy to make and have the right amount of twirl to satisfy most pre-schoolers needs!!

Kelly said...

Your version of this skirt looks so sweet!