Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homage to salmon and apples

Today Big V, Rosie, Pippit and I all ventured down south to pay our respects to the produce of the Huon. The Apple and Salmon Race Day Carnival to be exact.  I don't want to be negative about it but it was not what I expected. I think the use of the word 'carnival' conjured up a rather more grandiose image than what was actually there but despite my over active imagination we all had a good day out and it was held by the local Rotary so all for a good cause.

I would have loved to be a judge for the apple pies and toffee apple contest.  What a job.  It's sad though that the pies are only really destined to have a scoop taken out and then just be left on a table for all to look and not touch. Pies are for eating people! 

And more so the toffee apples! Despite the fact that they are really toothaches on a stick it's just a waste to have one bite and then just leave it be - oh you mock me toffee apple! Sitting in your glass vase teasing me with your red shiny goodness!

I sampled no salmon but did have a lucaston apple juice (best apple juice ever) and an apple cake, mmm, delish! We did enter the Salmon and Apple race too but could only afford to bet on an apple as they were only $3 whereas a salmon was $50.  

Initially we wondered how on earth you could have a salmon and apple race. I mean, apples certainly would bob along merrily down the river but wouldn't the salmon just swim away? 

All was revealed upon reaching the race tent where we were greeted by tubs of plastic fishies. Ah, much more compliant racers! 
Sadly not as tasty as Rosie discovered.  Sushi you are not, fishy 99!

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