Sunday, January 31, 2010

stealing away... tricky business!

Hello, my name is Ruth. I am a part time co-sleeper. For all you non baby people out there, this doesn't mean that I sleep around, it means that I sleep with my baby. And when I say part time I mean that it's only from when she first wakes in the early morning around 4:30 - 5am.  

I've found that since having mon Pippit a lot of people have a negative view about co-sleeping. A lot of professional baby people that is. I think they must have to say this as a matter of 'procedure' in case someone squashes their baby. Though, I think you'd have to be boozed up or on sleeping pills to do so! Well, I would anyway. It's like your senses go on red alert, you are SO aware of their smallness beside you. 

Mission keep-baby-asleep successful!
I'll admit I get a better sleep on my own but there is something so lovely about snoogling in with your wee one that makes bad backs and dead arms all worth it!  I normally try and sneak away when I next wake up around seven but she has clued onto this and has taken to sleeping with one leg thrown over me to make extricating myself all the more difficult. I think it's in the hope that she'll wake too and get to come along.  Not that I ever mind but I do love my own little slice of morning time. Hot cuppa, checking emails or just cruising round the kitchen taking my time deciding what to have for brekkie. Me time, the stuff everybody needs occasionally.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steele's Island Holiday

I've just come back from a holiday at Steele's Island, Dodges Ferry with family and friends, it ended up being one long food and drink bonanza! Big V and I needed to sleep nearly the whole day when we got back! 


Made some new friends; Leanne and Phil. Man, those guys make some pretty mean cocktails! Appletinis in the afternoon, followed by strawberry daiquiris, mojitos, bloody mary's plus other nameless creations. Not that we drank all the time by any means but it was nice to indulge in some very holiday style drinky-poos :)

 Me fishing (obviously!)

Family fishing shot

another Family shot

Pippy playing pool

The Boys paying Harry highpants :D

The two Phils

The weather was so good we basically spent the days on the beach either fishing, swimming or just paddling up and down the shoreline. Little G LOVED the water, had absolutely no problem with the texture of sand or waves lapping up against her. She's a little beach babe for sure :)

Everyone pitched in for dinners and so we eat like Kings.  The first night was settling in night so we had just a lot of BBQ goodies. The second night Gonzo, being the the ├╝ber fisherman, supplied us with many a cray, abalone, flat head and albacore, so a massive seafood extravaganza. Dee-lish-i-ous! The next night was roast night with chicken, lamb, veal and a glazed ham. Then finally Kirky made us a ragout with a leg of lamb and Paris mash plus more albacore and flatty... Mmmmmmm!

I love holidays like this, when everybody is chilled and relaxed and time and days mean nothing. We just cruise along at a nice slow ambling pace, taking it all in at our leisure. 

I can't wait to go again next year :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Window sill love

When we first bought our house I was excited that it had a balcony next to the kitchen because I thought I'd get to grow herbs to use fresh and all that la-di-dah stuff.  Unfortunately this was not to be as the balcony just doesn't get the right amount of sun and so things just don't grow as they should...  :(

But hooray for window sills! I found an awesome little set of three white pots that fit perfectly on the sill and have planted basil in them all, cos you can never have enough basil :)

So grow, little basil, grow! Make me enough leaves for some pesto! (Or at least enough to go with fresh tomato on toast.)

teesy pegs

I has four...

and I knows how to use 'em!