Saturday, April 24, 2010

Special Birthday

It was Mum and Dad's birthday the other day, well the other two days seeing as they are a day apart :) This one was a special one for Dad. It was his eightieth! Mum and I planned for my brother to fly down from QLD for a surprise visit which I think is the best present ever because they only get to see each other once a year if that. My brother is not the best at organising trips!

Big V and I spent the morning cooking before we had to pick John up at the airport. It was pretty much the perfect day. We had great weather, crayfish and turkey for lunch and a yummo cheesecake for dessert. Passion fruit flavour; Dad's favourite. Dad was thrilled to see John as were we all. This is the first time John has met little G too so it really was an extra special visit. 
After lunch we all had a go on the Wiifit for a bit of fun. The wiiboard told Dad his wiifit age was fifty eight and that he was in great condition.  Dad took that as meaning he could have another piece of cheesecake.  Ah, he cracks me up! But if the secret to long happy life is an extra piece of cheesecake every so often then dish me up, I'm all for it :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pippy Cuddles

Little G is starting to take an interest in her cuddly toys and it's the cutest thing. I have come upon her feeding them with her spoon, plying them with cups of tea and even reading stories to them (in special gabble language of course!)  But the best thing is when she cuddles them, pats and kisses them and carries them round with her. I love that my daughter knows how to do these things for it shows that she knows how to love and care for others and that means that Big V and I are doing something right!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

MIA and pin cushion love

I haven't blogged for the longest time and the trouble with that is life just keeps happening (thankfully!) and my 'to blog about' list keeps growing! So much has been going on I barely know where to begin...

I won't start at the top of my list though as I think I need to write this particular blog first. It is a thank you blog of sorts. I entered the pin cushion blog swap hosted by Kate over at Fox's Lane and have already received my swap. I have thanked the fellow blogger for her lovely pressie over on her blog but have not blogged about it myself so... here tis!

Thank you Briony, aka Freckled Sparrow over at little bon bon for this wonderful pin cushion. I love, love, LOVE little birds and green so this is such a perfect pressie for me :) I also got a pack of cute little buttons and a lavender pillow as extra treasure treats! Woohoo!

I also sent mine to Yardage Girl who has blogged a very nice thank you. I'm so glad she liked it, phew! I really enjoyed making them and even though I probably don't need to add more to my to do list, it was a great thing to be a part of such a cool swap and reach out to people in blog land. I'll definitely be signing up to do more swaps soon.

The two pin cushions I made for Yardage Girl. The one on the left is a simple stencil screen print and the one on the right is a half pear (I think half pears sit better than whole pears for pin cushions!) I also added some goodies just to make the package more pressie-like :)