Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The girl that walks with the baby...

So today I had to go to Mykonos to get some milk and the girl behind the counter says,

'Hey! Weren't you in the paper the other day with your baby? I said to my friend Hey! I know that girl, she walks past here with her baby!'

Ulp! You got me, I'm the girl that walks with the baby, what can I say - local celebrity!

I heart books... zombie love

Saw this book at the ABC shop the other day and it was instant eye hearts!
I have such a soft spot for zombie flavoured things :)
(there are so many things wrong with that sentence, I know)

It comes down to the age old question though: can all things be made good by the addition of a zombie? (or a ninja or a pirate for that matter) I would normally say a big hearty yes but in this case I'm thinking that even though the cover is fabulous it may require a re-read of the original so the new and improved will be just that.

Have seen a few reviews which sound promising and check out some of the art! If ever I used 'lol' it would be now!

“Elizabeth,” we read, “lifted her skirt — a rather immodest gesture necessitated by circumstance — and delivered a swift kick to the creature’s head, which exploded in a cloud of brittle skin and bone.” Woohoo! Go Lizzy!

Holding hands

Chillin' and relaxin', hanging out wid me peeps - word.

Babushy love

Babushkas - love them.

Hey Rosie, If you popped in this wheelie bin it would be a real nesting doll!
(of course you'd be the ee, wee, widdle one!)


I was using the ATM down the road and saw these keys nailed to a tree. Like, seriously! WTF? Secret keys!!! What could they be for? It's driving me nuts!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost famous

Bubblet and I were in the paper today from last weeks Baby Teresa opening and wouldn't you know it, we were noted as being Genevieve Valentine and her daughter Ruth!
Ah, so like 'The Mockery' to stuff it up!

Anyway, me thinks Pippy has let all the fame go to her head...

'No more photos please!'

Hahahaha! Actually these cute little aviators were a pressie for G's little friend R-man, for his christening (cos his future's so bright he'll need shades!)
Ok, bad joke aside, I couldn't resist trying them on G.
Instant Diva! ;P

Knock Knock! Whose there?

Walking along the main road today and just noticed this little wooden gate in the middle of a great big concrete wall with the most beautiful door knocker on it... puts me in mind of the secret garden. Love it!

Can't wait!

Where the Wild Things Are... sure to be a Spike Jonze classic!

Good voice cast too. James Gandolfini, bada bing bada boom!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blue bits!

I don't believe it! A piece of blue sky with sun attached... dare I undertake a walk to town?

Splish splash I was taking a bath...

Little Pippit no longer hates bath time! Yay!

Now we can have a fresh smelling bubbit, *sniff* *sniff* Ahhhhh!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Teresa's Next Top Model!

Our clever friend Sammie has started a new business called Baby Teresa which is all about babies and giving! A pretty good combo if you ask me.
She has designed some baby onsies, long and short styles, and when one is sold they give another suit to a baby in need around the world.

Great idea for a present cos you get to give twice :)

Sammie has asked Little G to be a model for the launch night, we are so excited!
Well... I am so excited, G won't really know what's going on I suppose!

I took a few shots of her in two of the different designs and I think she looks FABulous DAAARlingk!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Posie's Bday

Very late post as Posa's Bday was about a month ago but I love this pic of Arthur's Circus swings. Chippet's first time on a swing. Pose was meant to be doing a star leap behind Daddy and Chip but I caught it at the wrong moment and so instead she looks like an over enthusiastic jogger out for a morning run!

We had a great day that day. Breakfast at Zum's, stroll through the market, nanna nap in the arvo and then Pizza for tea... ahhh bliss!

Pippy looks like she's under sufferance in this picture, a mini Popeye, Arrrrr!

A little ray of sunshine

Finally a sunny day! Well at least one without rain :)

We took advantage of being able to get out and about and basically spent the whole day walking. In to town to for some errands, visit Daddy at work (and let the office staff make goo goo eyes at G), small bit of window shopping and then down to the park to meet up with Lynnie Loo and her two boys.

Little G and Yonah are great little buddies, they are quite happy to sit next to each other and just chill. I'm glad G has lots of little mates. I thought by not putting her in child care I would be depriving her of socialising but it just is not the case. Between Mum's group, Rock and Rhyme, Mum and Bub Yoga, all my friends with kids and not to mention the large number of cousins she has, she gets plenty of 'hanging out with her peeps' time. In fact she's quite the little socialite!