Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture love

There are so many pictures and prints that I would love at the moment. I have been wandering down to Salamanca the last few Saturdays and flicking through the prints at some of the photography stalls, mentally hanging them in places around my house.  

I've also been cyber collecting.  Looking through blogs and design sites for more hanging joy.  I tend to leave tabs open on my browser with them in it, always meaning to go back at some stage and purchase them, I think it drives Big V insane a bit to have so many tabs open but it's a kind of 'trying on' exercise.  It's the same one I use when I go clothes shopping. I pick up a few items, try them on and if I like them at that stage I'll walk around the shop browsing with them over my arm and just let it sink in a bit and if I still want them they get bought.  Many times they have gone back on the rack so I figure it saves on wasteful purchase and stops me from impulse buying.

Here's a few cyber prints I'm keen on at the moment.

a Catherine Holm inspired print by Handz's shop on Etsy

A print by danbobthompson on Etsy
Land of Ampersand by The Wheatfield
They are all a good price but I have been curbing my wallet workouts lately for a few reasons.  We are looking to move so penny saving is definitely on the cards and I'm sure I don't need anymore stuff to cart to a new house.  I also have prints that I have not hung yet so I'd only be adding to my 'to do' pile which is already big enough!