Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little ray of sunshine

Finally a sunny day! Well at least one without rain :)

We took advantage of being able to get out and about and basically spent the whole day walking. In to town to for some errands, visit Daddy at work (and let the office staff make goo goo eyes at G), small bit of window shopping and then down to the park to meet up with Lynnie Loo and her two boys.

Little G and Yonah are great little buddies, they are quite happy to sit next to each other and just chill. I'm glad G has lots of little mates. I thought by not putting her in child care I would be depriving her of socialising but it just is not the case. Between Mum's group, Rock and Rhyme, Mum and Bub Yoga, all my friends with kids and not to mention the large number of cousins she has, she gets plenty of 'hanging out with her peeps' time. In fact she's quite the little socialite!

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