Saturday, January 9, 2010

Window sill love

When we first bought our house I was excited that it had a balcony next to the kitchen because I thought I'd get to grow herbs to use fresh and all that la-di-dah stuff.  Unfortunately this was not to be as the balcony just doesn't get the right amount of sun and so things just don't grow as they should...  :(

But hooray for window sills! I found an awesome little set of three white pots that fit perfectly on the sill and have planted basil in them all, cos you can never have enough basil :)

So grow, little basil, grow! Make me enough leaves for some pesto! (Or at least enough to go with fresh tomato on toast.)


Bec said...

that's awesome! I had the same thought when we moved into our place, unfortunately it's because of my laziness and not the light that we don't have any delicious fresh basil.. :(

Rosie said...

When I read this post my head filled with the sound of Sybil shouting, 'Basil! Basil'!