Friday, October 2, 2009

Crocktober - part 1

I saw this crockery set in a habitat catalogue and thought they were awesome and although I am definitely not a 'plate on wall or shelf' person (too much dusting involved for one thing) I would be loathe to use it for it's intended purpose for fear of eventually ruining the picture!

I decided to check them out today while I was in town and found that they were not as nice as in real life as they are in the picture. The pictures were a bit fuzzy and the ceramic a bit chunky, not that I am a crockery snob, you have only to check out my kitchen cupboards for that proof, it's just that for $80 a plate I expected a little more. More what? I don't know, just more!

I did see a really beautiful wedgewood cup and saucer that I ummed and ahhed about, walked away, decided to commit to the purchase and then came back only to find that another lady had beat me to it and was buying the whole set. What a bugger! But she did let me take a photo of it, in fact seemed thrilled that I would want to. A kind gesture from one teacup lover to another.

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