Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My (dusty) shelf

I am joining in yet another blog-a-long. Inspired by Bec (cos she is so inspirational!) This one is called My Place & Yours created by Meet me at Mikes. This weeks theme is 'On the Shelf' so despite all the dust and clutter I have picked out a small snapshot of one of my shelves to share.

When I got married a few years ago I had a bit of an inner debate as to whether I should take my husbands last name or not.  I had been a 'Bennetto' for so long that could I really be anything else? All sorts of weird issues raised their heads during this inner turmoil not the least of them being the fact that my middle name rhymes with his last name - how very 'Julia Goolia'! (remember the wedding singer?)

In the end I decided that I would become a 'Valentine' and have never looked back.  So now I like to collect 'V's as a sort of celebration of my new name.  The V's in the picture are for our little family: Big V, Little G and me. 

Can't wait to add another V to the collection!


Pip Lincolne said...

I think the V is you to a tee! I do! So glad you played along with us! xx

Rosie said...

Hmmmm...I see I need more 'R's if I'm going to compete with you.

marian said...

i love your shelf of 'V's..Verry impressiVe!

jess said...

neither mands or i had to even think about giving up our last names....because they were the same to begin with :D

Bec said...

aww shucks! thanks lovely V!
I love the V's and the ampersand they are cool! It's a big decision changing your name, I still have people calling me 'Bec Wilson' 5 years later!