Friday, October 23, 2009


Big V has taken some holidays and so I have been super remiss about blogging everyday.  I believe if the three strikes rule applies then I am now well and truly out :( In my defense I have been thinking about blogging and did take some photos to blog about so I haven't been completely tardy.

On the Wednesday I took Little G to the pool for her swimming lesson but the great thing was that Big V was able to come too so we were able to take a bit of video and a few pics of the event. We did ask if it was okay to take pics at the pool because we didn't want other people to think that Big V was some kind of dirty pervert taking pictures of little kids. The lifeguards said it would be fine as long as the shots were only of us and no one else. 

G was having so much fun splashing that she wouldn't look at the camera. She loves the pool and really makes an effort at kicking and paddling. The lady who takes the class said she wants G in her swim squad as she's such a natural at it. She kicks on her tummy and on her back, apparently that is awesome for her age. (Insert proud beaming Mama here)

Another milestone for Bubbit is that she has started clapping and waving, very rewarding for us as parents and of course we think she is the smartest baby in the universe for being able to do so! She is also well on the way to crawling forward now but every time she tries to she gets very frustrated at not moving very fast, it's more like crawl-cry-crawl-pause-cry-crawl. As you can see in the pic, sometimes it's just all too much! She does eventually get to where ever she's headed, oh but the effort ;D

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Anonymous said...

that is how i would feel too if i had to crawl everywhere!