Tuesday, November 10, 2009

guru swarmy bugger the rest of you I'm alright thanks jack G

For some reason I have that phrase on the brain, no idea why. It hasn't been on the radio for years, can't even remember if it was TTT or Triple J! Another sign of the recent bout of scattiness I've had lately I'm sure.  I need to do a MASSIVE Spring clean in my house and perhaps my brain is doing the same.  After all, do I really need random quotes spoken in a fake Indian accent floating around in my head? No, I don't think so!

I came to realise whilst watching Big V sneeze for the tenth time in a row the other day and thinking how lucky I was that I don't get hay fever the way he does, that while I may not sneeze, cough or get ragingly itchy eyes I DO GET SCATTY!  I suddenly lose all ability to focus and organise my days leading to many things being left undone. Great big piles of washing, mail on every surface of the kitchen table, half started projects and their paraphernalia lying around everywhere - I'm like that funny bag lady from the Labyrinth that collects everything on her back.  I need to buy a pair of footy boots just to give myself a good swift kick up the backside!

Maybe Big V is the lucky one.  I mean, he can take an antihistamine for his affliction but what can I take? What remedy is there for an unorganised clutter bug?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to thought for the day with your spiritual advisor Guru Swarmi bugger the rest of you I'm alright thanks Jack G... "One day a young Thai prostitute approached me asking "Master I am not happy with my life, I feel ashamed of my job and I need to steer my life in a new forfilling direction" I looked at her and said with experience, wisdom and understanding "Why quit now you do a bloody good job of it! End of thought! Bugger off!!"

fred said...

Another sex maniac walks along the highway of life...

"If you dont stop playing that bloody citar, I will shove if up your nose and twist it round and round till your eye balls pop out!"