Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gawktober - at the markets

Today has been a lovely lazy Sunday, one of the best kinds of Sundays in my opinion. Big V, little G and I all trooped of to the Masonic Hall where The Market is held on the 1st Sunday of every month. I love this market as nearly everything is handmade and the stalls change every time as they have so many people interested in holding a space there's not enough room for everybody every market.

Today I did a lot of gawking and only a little buying. But I have set my sights on some awesome 'standaliers' made by a lady called Loz Abberton at
WHO DID THAT. She is a wonderfully creative person and her designs are stunning. I think there would be a style to suit almost every home.

The one I like is called oak blossom, made out of FSC veneered ply. This pic is of the design in white eco resin and it's hanging too whereas I would have it as a standing lamp. Then perhaps finally after many, many years Big V and I would have matching bedside table lamps...
ahhh, symmetry, I love you.

I also got some great cards from little twig which I think I'll frame rather than use. And some beautiful new brooches from Rosie at Notions. Rosie makes all sorts of wonderful little handmade goodies and I am forever drooling over all the wonderful fabrics she manages to get her creative mitts on.


Rosie said...

awwwwww...thanks Ruth. You know you're welcome to any fabrics I have. What's mine is yours :)

ange_moore said...

Was great to meet you on Sunday too! I'm sure we'll encounter each other again - Hobart is too small (especially when we have kids a similar age).

who did that said...

thanx ruth...yer verily kind about my grandeliers...and it appears i have just discovered you! hope to xross paths soon. i'm at the market on august 4, 2010. come say aloha. :)