Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bectober (…or maybe stalktober?)

I was meant to post this yesterday but the day just got away from me so I have officially missed a day in my blogtoberfest attempt. Poo. I placate myself by acknowledging the fact that sometimes I blog twice a day there for storing up blogs in reserve... whatever works.

Anyway. Rosie and I went to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday to hear an artist called Beci Orpin speak about her life and art. Organised by AGDA and aptly titled 'Breakie with Beci'. She is a truly amazing person. It's as if her sole purpose in life was to create and she has moved organically from one opportunity to the next, leaving in her wake a myriad of awesome artworks. I heart them all!

Perhaps most exciting to me at the moment is that she has created a line of children's clothes called Tiny Mammoth, a lot of which are in colours that are non gender specific. A great break from the 'traditional' pinks and blues found almost everywhere else. And, yay, they're stocked here in Hobart too! I even worked up the courage to ask her to sign my 'Curvy' book! (I felt kinda daggy but it was worth it!)

Bec from 'Things to make and do' and co-organiser of the whole shebang also set up a crafternoon after the presentation where we all got to sit down and learn how to make some things. Rosie and I both attempted the crocheting. I had, some time ago, crocheted a whole blanket but my brain dumped the know how to undertake such a task and I just couldn't recall how to do it! After a few fits and starts with Bec's help I now know how to make a 'granny' and will hopefully retain the knowledge for the future! Thanks Bec!

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