Monday, October 12, 2009


I have finally started project one today - baby quilt for pregnant friend. The problem is, I think I like it too much! There could be parting issues with this one...

Rosie kindly brought her cutting board and rotary knife over today so I could get some nice clean edges. As soon as I had cut a few blocks I had a bit of a play with placement. I like this part of quilting the most, just playing with patterns and colours and testing different layouts, it's like a cross between big kids building blocks and one of those asian sand gardens, therapeutic and fun!

I decided to use full blocks of colour in between the patterned material and then space it all with white. Nice and simple, bright but uncluttered. Well, I like it anyway!

Rosie was busy making yet another quilt top too. She is doing something called a 'disappearing nine patch' where you sew all the blocks of colour together and then cut them up, mix them around and join them back together again. She is so fast (and easy, hehehe, just jokes Rosie!) I admire her gung ho approach, it's not that I'm afraid of making a mistake it's just that I'm afraid of making a total complete botch of things! Oh wait, that's another way of saying mistake isn't it... OCD anyone?


Rosie said...

I love it! The colours work so well together...fresh and fun. may have to makes meself one!

ange_moore said...

Your quilt will be gorgeous - I love the plain colours with the Prints Charming print, lovely! I'm inspired by your fabrics too - once I have a few more of these skirts sewn I might allow myself to add this to my evergrowing list.