Friday, October 16, 2009

Striketober :(

Bah, I've missed another day of blogtober... I have had a lot on my plate though, Little Pippit has been super grizzly and while I can't see anything, I'm pretty sure there's a tooth on the way. It's either that or she's turning into a drool monster!

I did managed to get into town yesterday, trying to time the pram walk with Pippit's nap. Spotlight had 20% off and so I wanted to get a rotary cutter and board while the sale was on. Rosie came with me and it was so great to have another pair of helping hands! I also made it back into Pocketspace and purchased the octopus print I'd been after, yay! All in all a pretty good trip :)

I have also gotten as far as picking materials out for my lazy day skirt, although I am going to call mine a hectic day skirt because lazy days are one thing I'm short on at the moment! I won't make the sew along dead line but nevermind. Doesn't mean I'll stop making the skirt!

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