Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faff, faff, fafferty faff - it's Fafftober!

So Bubbit has gone down for a well needed nap and instead of doing the many chores I have lined up for today I am on the computer instead. Hmmm, priority review?

I've been browsing other people's blogs, something I wish I could do more often, and have found one idea that I love. Blogtoberfest! (Thanks Bec!) Since starting this blog I've been told by a certain someone (don't worry Rosie, I won't name any names! hehehe!) that I need to post more frequently so this 'Blogtoberfest' seems like the perfect challenge!

Can I post every day for the month of October? I'm thinking hell yeah!

There are a stack of others rising to the challenge so why no lil' ole me! One blogger has a great idea which I might thieve, making each days post title a play on 'October'. For example, Rocktober, posting something about music or rocks- very doable, or Woktober, something about cooking - easy, Clocktober, Flocktober, Blocktober and so on.
So, thanks for the idea Badskirt! I am grabbing this bull by the horns!

And as a thank you to Rosie for her insistence that I blog more often I have found an unbelievable picture of a magical tuna, celery soup. Sorry, no raisins.

*I should mention I found these awesome comical pics drawn by NatalieDee here.
My kind of funny :D

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