Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RIP favourite mug

The other day little Pippit managed to get her tiny mitts on my favourite mug (luckily empty at the time) I had turned around for one second when a china like clatter rang out, holding my breath I whipped around fearing the worst but all looked fine. It wasn't until I poured hot water in it that it became evident that the only thing 'fine' about my muggy wug was the hairline cracks up the side slowly seeping my hot beverage onto the counter. Poo.

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ange_moore said...

Oh well - you could still use it as a pencil holder near the phone or on your desk at work or in your craft room or anywhere you need to hoard pencils!!

My daughter has broken a few of my precious things over the years - very disappointing when it happens but you move on (eventually).