Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bok-Bok-Boktober (Warning: Not at all exciting to anyone but me!)

Yum! Yum! Yummo! I have had the best news today!

I was going to write a 'Frocktober' post but then I saw that Bec has already claimed that title today. Then I was going to write a 'Blocktober' post as I got some awesome new material for a baby quilt I'm making BUT THEN CAME THE AWESOME NEWS!
And here it is!

A certain awesome chicken store has opened up in Salamanca. I cannot mention the name otherwise I will be the 'mentioner' and thus have to buy chicken goodies for all - so the rule goes ;P

...however should the name be READ then I suppose no rules are broken!

When I was young I used to want to work there because they had turquoise uniforms (some great job aspiration) and lo and behold I DID end up working for them through college and even though the job was the same as any other part time grind I got to enjoy the turquoise uniform and much of the chickeny goodness sold there. Especially the chips covered in chicken salt, Mmmmmm! I know where I'll be headed after swimming tomorrow!


Rosie said...

Reading does count...you're the mentioner! ha ha ha ha ha ha...

RuthiV said...

You read it first! I closed my eyes!
Hmmm, I'll have a quarter chicken and chips with gravy thanks!

ange_moore said...

I used to work at "The Chick Inn" - a similar establishment in the North West, whilst I was at college. Hated cleaning the chicken rotisery - who cares what colour you uniform is, it'll always smell of chicken grease!

jess said...

omgggggggggg i love legs n breasts!!!! well the chips anyway hehe. i have to get a bag of them with lots of salt every time i come down. plus some p-cakes from good ol' mykonos :D