Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Friends

Little G has these two figurines, one is an echidna and the other is a rabbit. She tells me that they're best friends and then shows me how they kiss and hug. She often asks me to take photos of them and she'll arrange them and then stand back and say cheese waiting for me to take the photo. 

Echidna and Rabbit having a cuddle

She takes them on trips around the house, often using her shoes for their cars.  She makes little tents under chairs for them to sleep and will rush off to the washing pile bringing back some socks or face washers for them to use as sleeping bags and blankets.  She shares her food and drink with them, making little eating and drinking noises when it's their turn.  When we go to the car she'll ask where they are and then want them to sit with her in her seat.

It's the coolest.


Rosie said...

She'e such a sweetie....but I hope that rabbit doesn't breed like a rabbit....could be the volls all over again!


Such a sqweet post - I can't wait to our little boy gets a bit bigger and his imagination runs wild like this..

PS: I think my deliciously decadent giveaway from The Aromatherapy Co will be right up your alley!

RuthiV said...

It's great. I love her imagination, she is constantly blowing me away with the funny little things she comes up with.

Thanks for the giveaway tip! I am a big fan of wholesome, yummy goodness :)

jess said...

the joy of being a child and imagining all wonderful things and knowing nothing about the truly bad. i miss it!