Saturday, December 18, 2010

Number one on the wishlist!

Anyone who knows me knows I love books. One day I would love to have floor to ceiling bookshelves, maybe even with a sliding ladder! Lately I haven't had that much time for reading the books I like. It's mostly been 'The Gruffalo' or 'I know a Rhino' and books about shapes and colours, alphabet and numbers, all for a good cause of course but I am hanging out for a good read that is not in rhyme and lasts longer than the odd magazine flick in the bathroom (sometimes it's the only place you get a bit of peace!).

Browsing through a few gift idea blogs to get some suggestions for others (I swear!) I came across the most amazing book and I WANTS! It is the 'Pictorial Webster's, a visual dictionary of curiosities'.  It features over 1,500 engravings that were used in the Webster's dictionaries in the 19th century and they're fantastic! 

Picture from here
I found it on Amazon as part of a deal where you also get some rubber stamps featuring some of the same pictures and a set of fancy flash cards to match. I already have one of the flash cards, the letter V which I found in Store & Co a while back so it would be nice to have the whole set. Now all I have to do is leave a browser window open featuring said find and hopefully Big V will take the hint!

Picture from here


Tania said...

Actually, I reckon a pointed email with a link would be a more reliable way to go. Too gorgeous for taking any chances!!!

jess said...

i would love to have one of those classic NYC apartments - high ceilings and all the walls (well a lot of them) are bookshelves. sadly i have accepted the fact that i can't keep buying 'normal' books, because we don't have the space. i love my kindle.... but it's not the same as a wall of books.