Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A good day

Our weather of late has been a bit hit and miss. In true Tasmanian fashion you either get glorious sunshine or an absolute downpour sometimes within minutes of each other. This makes me very hesitant to go for bike rides in case I get caught out and have to be a poor bedraggled thing peddling madly to get home, not to mention that I'd also be toting an even more poor bedraggled thing in the seat behind me. I'm sure Little G would not appreciate a cold soaking. 

This pic is not actually from today but it is us!

Today we thought we'd chance it. We left quite early and headed off to Nutgrove park and made it there in record time. I love riding my bike but these days there doesn't seem to be as much time for stuff like that. My brakes had gotten a little squeaky, which shows it really has been a while since the last outing!

Only one mishap on the way back and luckily not a big one. Little G had been given a bikky to munch until we got back for lunch and I was peddling away when I head a little voice exclaim, "Oh no!" I stopped to see what was wrong and about five metres behind us was the bikky, I must admit I thought, "10 second rule?" and then considered how many dogs poo along this stretch of path and immediately dismissed it.  Little G was not happy with the decision of course and the rest of the way home I could hear her saying, "Bye bikky, bye bikky." in the saddest of tones.  Oh well, some dog or bird will get lucky.


lauren carney said...

aww cute!

ange_moore said...

We have the same thing at our place - "ta, ta bikky"! Although it's often placed into the dogs mouth by the child before saying ta, ta!!

RuthiV said...

Hahaha! Well, at least they're sharing!