Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wagon love

When I was little I always wanted one of the little red wagons found in the pictures of kiddie books. They look just the ticket for toting round all things precious.  Obviously now I am older t'would be unseemly to walk down the street with one rolling along behind me. 

However, should I have a little tot to give a ride to (and luckily I do!) then owning a wagon could be a distinct possibility.

This is a modern update on the little red wagon by kaiku and happily for me, it has green bits; my favourite colour! There is also another model with all green sides but it doesn't have the cute little seats for cute little butts that are required for riding all round town :) There's a great write up on babyology.com about Kaiku's products, all very drool worthy!

Ahhh, this so could be G and me, out for our daily perambulation. I'll definitely have to save up to make this one a reality though, in the meantime, I still have my story books :)

images found from here.

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