Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pin cushion swap

I was talking to Bec the other day about my terrible habit of not finishing projects and how I love to leap frog from one new thing to the next, getting excited over something new and shiny and leaving half finished things all over the place. 

I have on the go a chair to be painted and then planted for my balcony. A piece of lino waiting to be cut and then printed.  Buttons waiting to be covered with fabric and used. A skirt for my niece. Some quick dry clay bought and never played with.  Not to mention the blogs I haven't written, the list goes on! Don't even get me started on the list of PS3, Xbox and Wii games waiting for attention - yes Bioshock 2, I am talking about you. Big V is currently finishing his game of FFVII on the PS3 so it's not as if I can play at the same time anyway... So many things to do, how can anyone ever get bored!

Seeing as I have such a fad-ish nature, one of my New Years resolutions has been to stick to something once I begin it and I have to say, so far, I am doing ok.  I have started a sewing course at Adult Ed and I am loving it. It is concentrated time on one task (block hours spent away from my little Pipit are a rare thing these days!) around people who are all busily crafting away which helps me focus on what I am doing because there is nothing to distract me and I am finding it really satisfying to make a creation that has a function.  

I have only been to two classes so far and already I have made some cushions for my Mother (an exercise in sewing with zippers), a pair of reversible pants and a pair of bloomers for mon Pipit and a baby quilt for tiny Sascha. Next up will be a dress for me... the biggest undertaking so far. ULP! 

Bring it on, I say! I feel like a regular Martha Stewart! (Not the prison bit, just the creative bit)

Anyway, all this has led me to commit myself to a pin cushion blog swap that Kate from Fox's Lane is hosting. I figure if I can already make big couch cushions then I can handle a couple of pin cushions here and there :)

I've started looking at some pincushion pictures online to get some inspiration and there are so, SO many out there! Who knew there were that many pins needing houses!

Here are some of my favourites.

Cute little bottle cap pin cushions from here.

 Heather Bailey pin cushions pears from here.

A most awesome cactus pin cushion from here. Love this one a lot!

Little birds are always a winner for me :) Found here.

This one is the one that really takes the cake though. 
She does the most amazing tiny worlds all in tea cups, almost too good to stick pins in!


jess said...

wow these are cool!

i am guilty of the oh-hello-shiny-new-thing syndrome too. i like to put a positive spin on it, we are ideas or concept people - not implementers :)

Bec said...

I'm so excited you decided to join in the swap! I've found swaps a really great motivator to try new things :) I'm loving the example you found.

I've started to be really strict with myself, no more craft supplies till I finished x, y or z. But then spotlight sends me a $10 voucher and that's all out the window!

Kate said...

Wow, what a gorgeous collection of pin cushions you've found! Thanks heaps for joining in with the swap. X