Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Squiggly Flowers Bloomers

Having been bitten by the sewing bug, I have started to build up a collection of lovely 'how to' books along the way. One of which is Lotta Jansdotter's 'Simple Sewing for Baby'. This book is filled to the brim with wonderful little projects, all at a nice easy starter level which is just perfect for a beginner like me!

I have had for a while now a piece of Saffron Craig's Squiggly Flowers in pink and green which I bought just because I liked it. I had no intention for it's use in mind at all until flipping through the book and finding a pattern for some cute little bloomers. 

Little G has been living in Bloomers with this hot weather we've had so I thought it would be a great project to start off on my own with. I figured if I got into any trouble I could always take them with me to my sewing class and get help there if need be. But now I'm glad to say I needed no help at all :D Yay me! Well, Yay the book really ;) It's very easy to follow with it's step by step instructions and drawings.

So here its my little model wearing the finished product and looking very darling while at it.  I also have enough material left to add to a dress or skirt which is the next home project on the list. So if all goes to plan, my Little Pipit will have a matching outfit soon. Fingers crossed!


Rosie said...

G looks so proud to be wearing bloomers her mamma made her! Good job!

Kate said...

Great job! They look fabulous! X