Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's only rain...

Some days I get annoyed that I can't go outside because the weather is so bad but today I am loving the rain. We are all inside in the cosy warmth with the sound of the rain pattering steadily on the windows. The plants all look extra green and my cup of tea is lovely and hot in my hands as I peruse my latest book.

Dymocks had a 20% off night last Thursday and I had a gift card ripe for the spending to get some wonderful new papery treats! My friend Bec from Things to make and do had recently shown me her copy of a cool book called Meet me at Mike's by Pip Lincolne.

I had drooled over this book in the bookshops but it was always reluctantly put back on the shelf, mentally filed away on a 'one day' list for when my wallet was feeling a bit healthier. Yay for gift cards!  The book is full of great crafty projects, perfect for rainy days (and avoiding the housework!) I haven't decided which project to do first yet. Maybe the yoga pants. Maybe the shoes. They're both so cute :)


Bec said...

Yay! I love this book :) We should do one of the projects at the same time!

RuthiV said...

Love to! I'm thinking maybe the pants.
I can't wait to get my overlocker so I sew everything in sight! ;D