Thursday, December 3, 2009

nike, nike, nike

Because I have to learn to 'just do it'! 

Recently I've had a dose of 'can't be bothered' attitude and it's been annoying me no end. One voice in my head (belongs to a couch potato, I'm sure) looks at whatever task needs doing and like an unruly child stamps an imaginary foot and just says 'don't wanna!'  and so I end up procrastinating and wallowing and generally looking around for something else to do and so said tasks remain festering in whatever pile I haven't sorted. Bleh.

Well not today!  I had an awesomely productive day where many a chore and errand were done and ahhhhh! the satisfied feeling afterwards was great. Far, far better than the almost catholic like guilt I'd been feeling over being such a lazy slob. I just hope this Tony Robbins like attitude lasts, cos with Christmas round the corner I need all the help I can get!


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well done on your CAN DO epiphany. there's nothing better than the satisfaction from a flurry of activity that earns you more laziness :D