Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's three twenty six in the morning. It was two fifty seven when I decided to get up because you can't trick yourself into thinking you're asleep with fake snores. This is ridiculous! I have a eleven month old baby who sleeps through the night while I do not. 

Just lately, in the last few weeks I just wake up around one thirty - two in the AM and I'm just totally awake. No, strike that, my body is awake and wanting to go dancing and my brain is begging to be turned off.  I've tried so many things to try and get the old Z's a'happening but to no avail so now I'm trying a new one - getting up. Well, getting up and making a hot drink of chamomile and peppermint tea courtesy of Celestial Seasonings. Let's hope it works. I never really liked chamomile tea but I love peppermint and so far the taste of the latter is overwhelming the former.  It's not too bad.

While I wait for the tea to do it's job I've been doodling and browsing blogs, two things that I love doing but haven't had much time for this last year having become a new Mama.  I just recently bought a new fine black felt tip pen. I love these pens for drawing. They make the best doodles :)

This was something I was thinking about in bed before I got up. 'A' is for awesome, is what was going through my head. No idea why. And no idea why I pictured it in a bird's nest. I also had images of the bird being made out of a hole punch with material behind it... so that's why it is round. My friend was recently given some scrap love from fabric designer Saffron Craig (oooh, so jealous!) Anyway, not one to be stingy, she shared her scrap love with me, Yay!  I think the scrap works really well as a birds body!

Zorro was one lucky bugger. He could create Z's whenever he needed :(

As I'm typing this I think I can feel the tea working. Please, please, please be working! One of the most annoying things about waking in the middle of the night is that when, inevitably, I do get tired enough to go back to sleep it's something like five o'clock so I have to get up a few hours later and then spend the day walking round like a zombie and being less than charming to hang out with. I mean, no one chooses to hang out with a zombie do they! Who wants someone gnawing at an errant limb, or worse cracking your skull and having a chew at your brain whilst pretending to be that fat Indian man from the Temple of Doom delighting in chilled monkey brains. I know I certainly don't!

I guess I should try going to sleep now. There's the Handmade market on tomorrow today to look forward to. Goodnight!


Rosie said...

Those drawings are awesome! Maybe your insomnia should be viewed in a more positive light?? Also, it is recommended that you get up after 1/2 hr of trying to get to sleep and not go back to bed until you feel sleepy. Not tired, but sleepy. I used to hate doing it, but after a few nights it seems to work.

Anonymous said...

that sounds horrible :( but i'm with miss rosalie - super cool drawings! more please :)