Friday, March 19, 2010

Possible addition?

Today I was out at the Salvos with Rosie looking for an old picture frame to make a notice board when I came across a cabinet, fairly beat up but exactly what I had been searching for to put in the kitchen to store my big bowls, various serviettes and table paraphernalia. It is kind of 1950s style, two cupboard doors with two long drawers above it and best of all, on top is a flip up lid with a secret space inside! 
Okay, not so secret but I love the treasure chest feel of it :)

Like I said it needs a fair bit of fixing. There are no draw bottoms for one! The outside will need some sort of touch up but whether that ends up to be a coat of paint or varnish I am not sure. I've also been tossing up with the idea of using wallpaper or fabric on the draw and door fronts... Hmmm, the possibilities!

Listen to me writing as if I have it already! The first order of business will be to try and talk Big Val around to the fact that we NEED this item of furniture, it's possible I may not function without it... and so forth. Well, I did try tonight and whilst he hasn't committed to it he said we could 'go and see it' tomorrow. I'm hoping that means it's as good as mine ours. PROVIDED that it's still there of course! Oh, please let it still be there!

Because I don't have a photo of the magical cabinet I will just put this picture up by artist Ben Kehoe. I have come across it a few times while surfing and each time I think it's awesome.

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