Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing along with Meet me at Mikes: Five Faves

I have so many favourite things, to pick five is a hard choice! Which category to choose from? I have favourite recipes, colours, people, things to do, things to make, places, numbers, movies, books, I mean you can see the dilemma.  Ah, I think I'll just write them as they come to me. If you want to play along too then go to Pip's place at Meet me at Mike's to sign up :)

1.  New tan leather boots.
Number one is a new favourite as I have only just acquired them but have actually been keeping an eye out for just the right pair for nearly two years now so this is why I love, love, love them!

2.  The colour green.
This is not a recent fave, I have always loved the colour green. It always seems to be my first choice in a lot of things so I had been trying to give other colour choices a go but lately green is becoming dominant in my picks again. 

3.  Zucchini and bacon muffins (otherwise known as party quiche!)
I was introduced to this recipe by another new Mama who said it was da bomb for fussy eaters because it hid the veggies well. I'm pleased to say it works and is really moreishly delicious, I can see a lot of possibilities for variations too. I brought some out for afternoon tea with Rosie the other day and when she ate it she exclaimed that it was 'party quiche'! Apparently her sister used to make them for her kids and referred to it as party quiche so as not to alert them to the fact that it contained 'poisonous veggies'! Whatever works, I say :)
Recipe found here.

4. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
 I think this would have to be one of my all time favourite movies. I first watched it when I was twelve on holidays in New Zealand, it was so surreal and such an incredible, fantastical tale. I used to think about it for years after and a while ago decided to watch it again to see if it still held the same magic for me. I'm pleased to say it did and more. Being older, I now understood some of the more subtle references that are often put in children's movies to amuse adults but fly right over the top of kiddie's heads. I was also pleased to find that it contained many of the actors that are still my favourites today; a real stellar cast. 
This movie, five stars.

 Mum and I having a chat at my wedding (and Dad looking kind of startled!)
5. My Mother.
Total corn I know but I was thinking about favourite people in my life and she is definitely one of them. Having just become a mother myself I have a new found appreciation of this wonderful lady in my life. 

Did you know she NEVER told me I COULDN'T do anything? I'm not saying I had free reign, it was still very much 'don't jump on the sofa' or 'don't play footy in the hall', of course she told me NEVER to do those sort of things. I mean she gave me the belief that you could do anything, ANYTHING on this earth if you really wanted to. You could be a gymnast, a scout, an artist, play any sport, any instrument, basically undertake any task because all in life was for the learning.  

She let me do such a crazy amount of activities when I was young and never complained if I switched from one to another or told me something would be too hard or beyond me.  When I think about all the things she let me experience when I was young I am amazed she had the energy to ferry me from one place to the other and still be on time too!  She has instilled in me a taste for learning and exploring and life never gets boring because there is always new things to do.  Perhaps this is why I have many a half finished projects lying round the house but I don't care because most of the time it's the journey not the destination that contains the most fun :) Thanks for that Mum.

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jess said...

i have fond memories of your mum being a real sweetheart. love the look on your dad's face in this photo too!!! hehe