Friday, November 13, 2009

Pippit's first day at the beach

Today was such fantastic weather, the sort that just demands that you go to the beach... so we did! Rosie, Pippy and I all bundled up in the car and drove down to seven mile beach for a walk and a paddle.  I haven't been to seven mile in such a long time I'd forgotten what a nice beach it actually is.

Rosie managed to save a little fishy that was stranded by the tide. I didn't get a great photo of it as we were obviously rushing to get him back in the water... he kinda looks like a mini jaws!
I collected a bunch of chinese fingernail shells (not sure of their real name but that's what I've always called them), talk about a witchy poo!


and Rosie found me the most beautiful shell, the photo doesn't do the colour justice at all. It's the most amazing coral pink, I've never seen a shell coloured like it - love it :)

Little Pippit absolutely loved the water, not afraid one little jot! (that's my girl!) I think she would play in water all day if she was allowed.  I used to spend nearly all day, every day at the beach when I was younger.  A friend and I used to take her doughnut ring, chuck our towels in the middle and each hold a side as we walked down about a block to the beach.  We'd paddle out till we couldn't touch the bottom and freak ourselves out and then paddle back in again.  We would've only been about nine or ten, I can't believe our parents were cool with us going off by ourselves like that!  I guess they were just different times.


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