Monday, November 23, 2009

∆ My Collection(s) - My Place and Yours ∆

I haven't been playing along with Meet Me at Mikes meme lately, I've just been too disorganised. This weeks theme is My Collection suggested by Theme Queen Kate from Foxs Lane, pretty much the perfect theme for me, I collect so many things! 

My Mother often calls me a hoarder and God knows I drive Big V up the wall with my incessant need to keep every little thing, "Why do you always collect so much junk?" and I think it is these negative connotations of collecting that has recently led me to want to de-clutter and cull some of my surroundings.  This, I know, is not a bad thing. Sometimes things are junky and don't need to be kept, I just find it so hard to let go! 

To me, a lot of my bits and bobs are like mental post it notes. Little tags that evoke memories by association, and I love that association. I have boxes filled with memory tags that I love to get out from the top shelf of the cupboard and sift through, reminiscing as I go.  Some of the more junk-y things I collect and store are movie ticket stubs, pretty beer tops, funky coasters from travels, nicely printed paper bags, old postcards... I keep thinking if I put them all in one great scrap book that they'll be organised and less bothersome to those others in the household! 

I  also collect boxes, buttons, fabric, books, coloured pencils, beautiful cards, old keys, things with bugs or bees, funny Buddhas, lovely coloured cottons, tiny birds, good luck kittys and so many other knick knacks...

But it's not like it can just be any old bottle top or any old Buddha, bird or bug. Quite a few times when friends have been aware of a 'current' collecting fad they think they're on a winner for a present idea and sadly it's just not always the case. I'm not saying I don't appreciate their thoughtfulness, it's completely lovely, it's just that collecting can be so personal. Just because I love tiny birds does not mean that every time I see a thing with a bird in it, I want it. It has to speak to me in just the right way. Crazy? Maybe, but that's just the way it is :)

One of my latest collections is the letter 'V' (did I miss my calling working for Sesame Street?) I had previously blogged about it for the first of Meet Me at Mike's meme's 'On the Shelf' and since then I have found a few more V's that have taken my fancy.

The two wooden V's I think I'll paint and I have a very cute small shadow box which I'll put the little brass v in, it'll be a perfect fit! My favourite one at the moment is the orange card V. It has pictures on the back of 'V' things. I love both sides so much I think I'll have to buy another and frame them side by side, which will work well as I am planning yet another collection of wall art! Can anyone say lost cause?

One small comfort is that I know I'm not alone. In this months Inside Out magazine there was an article written by Sibella Court where she mentions that her " ...maternal Grandmother was labelled a hoarder; it was always said with disdain. So I call myself a keeper of collections - or a bowerbird. I, too, get fixated on things" This makes me feel much better about my stash of treasures :)


ange_moore said...

Bowerbird - I like that! I too am a bit of a hoarder and have to cull my junk from time to time. Glad to know that there are other people out there!

The Back Shed said...

At least you only collect the things that call to you! That's one way of keeping your collection slightly under control.The little birds are cute.

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh I love your V collection! That is very inspiring indeed. I used that lovely quote from Sibella on my collection post as well. Isn't she just delightful!
Sophie x

Mandy said...

Lovely stuff, & as someone said, it is nice to collect the things that call to you. I love the white bird. Is it a lantern, light, bell??? Whatever it is it sure is pretty.

Pip Lincolne said...

I really like your photos! They are not only lovely collections, but lovely images too! Ace work, Miss! x

RuthiV said...

Thanks Mandy! It's a little ceramic bell I got from the Deloraine Craft Fair by Bird's Gallery in Kew, Victoria. They make bells, wind chimes and ceramic sculptures, all of which are super lovely!