Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Walk

Yesterday was such a nice day compared to the weather we've been having lately so I decided to take Chippie for a walk to Aunty Jessie's house. My aim is to try and get out of the house and walk somewhere every day, even if it is just to the shops for milk!
I have become a master at dodging dog poo with the pram and not barking people's shins with the front wheel. I remember in the days of BC (Before Chippie) when I used to get so peeved at nutbag Mama's trying to attack my ankles with their mini four wheel drives so I am especially careful not run unassuming pedestrians over, even when they oblivious of the world around them.
Anyway, my plans for walking are thwarted today as it has not stopped raining all day... can you say cabin fever? Poo...

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