Sunday, May 31, 2009

Virgin Flight

My lovely Hub decides to be extravagant for my first Mother's Day and gets me a ticket to the Cirque Du Soleil in Melbs. I'm so super excited as I thought it would be so long before we would ever be able to do anything like this because of Bubs. He set it all up so that we would stay with Onny, Tas and their three kids. They would look after Chip while we went to the show, she would be asleep because the show is at eight and all would go well... that was the plan.

I swear she knew we were trying to leave her as every time I went to put her in bed she started to scream, not just cry but scream. As soon as I picked her up again she would fall asleep in my arms, almost instantly! Anyway, we ended up having to take her and I was so on edge I didn't even bat an eyelid when I went to buy two waters and they charged me $10!!! Seriously, was it holy water? The guy at the door gave me some earplugs for Chippa and we went and took our seats.

The music starts and it is loud, loud, LOUD. I cannot relax and am clutching at my golden, gem encrusted water bottle and peeping in the blanket at my sleeping poppet every five seconds to make sure that sleeping is exactly what she is doing. I was so terrified that she start screaming again and I'd have to rush out of there followed by disapproving stares and angry mutterings that I didn't calm down for the first half of the show. Eventually I did manage to stop being a nervous wreck and was able to appreciate the magic of the show. Every act had it's own spine tingling pull and I was mesmerized by the brilliance of it all. It was totally amazing.

Anyway, after all that I only took one photo on the whole trip of some graffiti on Brunswick Street... weird.

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jess said...

oh. my. god. i took that exact same photo for my blog on a trip to melbourne too!!!!!