Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

Although it's come to an end, this summer has been great.  Plenty of hot days and fun things to do. We took a break the other day in Big V's lunch time and all went in to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic on the grass and were joined by some lovely little feathered friends.

They were so incredibly tame and fearless, at times running right over the top of us and onto the blanket if we weren't quick enough to feed them on the grass. Little G wanted to pick them up and Little A was just enthralled, not trying to touch them but just watching, totally entranced!  

At one stage one of the interlopers in the background (seagull) tried to get in on the action but the Mother Duck flew at him in a rage and both ended up flapping around Little A's head. It shocked her a bit but she didn't fuss.  The Gardens are such a beautiful place.  We will definitely be visiting them more often in the future.

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Rosalie Malham said...

Looks like such long as they didn't do their 'business' near you.