Monday, October 4, 2010

Bike ride to the Park

It is such a lovely day today. The perfect day for a bike ride to the park.  Rosie, Pippy and I all donned our helmets and headed off down to Nutgrove to have some fun in the sun. 

With the clocks moving forwards for daylight savings I really thought I'd have a bit of time to get back and have lunch with Pip before nap time, which usually is around 12:30-1pm. Here I was thinking she wouldn't be ready to go to bed until 1:30-2pm and surprise,  surprise as soon as we got in the door she started fussing and grizzling for her dummy (a very sure sign of tirdeness!) so I put her to bed and within a few minutes it was lights out. Nothing like a good ol' bike ride to tucker her out! Ah, the serenity!

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