Friday, June 4, 2010

A Pippy Post

My little Pippy is not so little anymore. She's is now more a toddler and less a baby. It's happening so fast and of course they tell you it does but you don't see it until, well, you see it! 

She's walking, running and jumping.  Granted her jumping skills consist of her bobbing her head up and down and saying 'jump' whilst walking around but that's cool, ten points for effort I say :)
She talks to me. A lot. Her words are amazing and I'm always surprised at how much she retains. I can't wait until she strings a whole sentence together.  The other day while changing her nappy she said 'careful!' which made me laugh but then I thought maybe I am being a little auto pilot, at least she can bring me back down now.
We sing songs together, which is mainly me singing every line and her singing the last word of each line but hey, she remembers and is mostly in tune. And she loves to draw and say her colours.  I love it all.


I try and take her to the park as often as I can as we don't have a back yard and she absolutely loves it. Most mornings she will stand at the safety gate saying "Park! Park! Sea-saw! Seeeeea-saaaaw!" This park visit we went with Aunty Rosie and big thanks to her for bringing her camera to capture my not so little Pippy doing what she does best :)

Just for the record this coffee cup is empty, I am definitely not up for a caffeinated child!


jess said...

omg she is so a mini-you!

Rosie said...

Ahhhh...mon pippit! Oh so cute...and awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

more pippy posts!!