Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pretty water lily

Walked into the uni today to hand in some stuff as I have finished up work for the year and noticed a water lily growing in the reflection pond. I wish my water lily would sprout a flower. It lives in a water pot in my bbq area. I get lots of leaves but so far no flower. Perhaps it needs more room...

I haven't been posting (or reading for that matter) any blogs of late. Things just seem so hectic leading up towards Christmas. Maybe especially so this year as it will be Pippy's first Christmas and I feel that I'd like it to be a good one for her. I am aware that she probably will not even remember it but I will. And it will be my first as a mother and our first as a new family so even more reasons for celebration. I finally put up the tree the other night with Big V, it looks great and when Pippy saw it in the morning she was really thrilled and wouldn't stop smiling. That alone makes it totally worth it :)

Now that the tree bit is done I feel like the rest is icing, and the next two days will be fun because I'm making the desserts for Christmas day: raspberry sorbet, rocky road ice cream, chocolate mousse, plum pudding and brandy custard, yum! (all I want for Christmas is a diabetes check!)

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