Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blog Cherry Popped!

Ok... First blog ever of any sort. Just hanging out, blogging away, la di dah...
Sitting at home with little chip (bubba) in bed and Mikkel on the couch playing wipeout on his shiny new PS3.

I have had a pretty good day. Went to a shop called the Dog's Breakfast and bought some ridiculously cheap things... gotta love a sale! Then to Big W to try and buy a soda stream, to no avail, all sold out - bummer! Last of all took Rosie to pick up her car and finally home again, home again, jiggety jig (to feed the pig!) Ah, mean ole Mummy. My little darling is no piggy wig, although she does snort sometimes! Poor Bubs has been having colic troubles and I have tried a magical potion on her called infants friend. It seems to be working as even though she is still a farty bum she doesn't cry about it. All good in my book!

Good Friday is tomorrow and I am so glad Mikkel has taken the rest of next week off. 10 days of hubband! (not a spelling error, 'tis what I calls him!) I'm sure there will be something better to blog about later!

Anyway... now it's off to bed.
Here's to sleeping babies, PS3 and blogging about nothing,
sweet dreams all. :D

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